Sheboygan Service Club Press Release (Mar 2018)

The Sheboygan Service Club was pleased to present a check for $62,513.55 to the Family Resource Center of Sheboygan County on January 11, 2018. Family Resource Center offers their thank to SSC, and to the community, for their generosity and support.  The Family Resource Center said of SSC that “Their willingness to give shows how much our community values our mission of ‘building strong families and strong communities.’”  Jaime Marchi, current President of Sheboygan Service Club shares that “it is always such a rewarding experience to give that check to our partner charity.  We work so hard to make our fundraiser a success, and to see the joy on their faces when they receive the money makes it all worth it!”

In addition to volunteering within the community, SSC members host one major fundraiser each year known as the Annual Charity Ball. In the past, the Sheboygan Service Club, Inc. and its Foundation have shared the proceeds from its Charity Ball with 25-50 local non-profits annually. The Sheboygan Service Club and its Foundation support anyone in need of compassion, shelter, nourishment or education within Sheboygan County. In an effort to make a larger impact in some of the local organizations and projects we support, the Sheboygan Service Club and its Foundation has for the last seven years designated half of its Charity Ball net proceeds to support one top organization or project each year; while providing the remaining half of our net proceeds to a handful of other local organizations or project and scholarships.   SSC is now accepting applications for our 2018 Partner Charity and invites all Sheboygan County 501(c)3 to submit an application to be this year’s Partner. Applications and all supporting documents must be received by March 31st. Visit  to retrieve a copy of the application.

2017’s annual charity ball was held on Nov. 11 at The Berkshire with over 200 people in attendance. More than $140,000 was raised that evening, one half of which was presented to a single organization, the Family Resource Center of Sheboygan County, with the remainder distributed to other area charities, projects or scholarships.  Sheboygan Service Club provided $10,000 each to both Mental Health America and Rainbow Kids of Sheboygan County.  In addition, financial support was provided to the YMCA, Project Linus, Sheboygan Cancer Fund and Easter Seals.  SSC President, Jaime Marchi says that “We truly hope that the money we raise makes a difference to the local charities we support.  We are blessed to have these organizations in our community, and Sheboygan Service Club looks forward to working with them in the future.”

The theme of this year’s show was Welcome to La La Land, where the crowd was entertained with skits from an assortment of movies and shows from the early 1900s.  The SSC was founded by Edith Testwuide in 1931 as a way to address the many needs of the community during the Great Depression.

The 2018 Charity Ball will be held on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at the American Club.  In addition to hosting an annual Charity Ball, SSC also offers area high school seniors the opportunity to apply for one of three $1500 scholarships awarded each year.  And in the summer, SSC invites children entering kindergarten to learn the all about keeping safe at Safety Town.  More information about these and other SSC initiatives can be found online or find us on Facebook at


Left to Right:  George Palmer (FRC Acting Executive Director), Sara Suchow (FRC Board Vice President), Heather Bixler Barnes (FRC Board President), Dharmesh Murthy (FRC Board Member), Carisa Resimius (FRC Parent Educator), John Mather (FRC Board Member), Renee Wachuta (FRC Parent Educator), Carol Myers (FRC Literacy council coordinator), Peggy Weidmeyer (PAT (parents as teachers ) program supervisor), Jaime Marchi (SSC President), Andrea Gutschow (SSC Giving Coordinator), Dan Erpelding (Treasurer), Jamie Gambrell (FRC Board Member), Darren Opel (FRC Board Member), Dane Checolinski (FRC Board Member)

Back Row:  Trisha Erpelding (Education Coordinator), Joanna Brandt (Lead Peer Specialist) Lisa Koepsell (Mental Health Resource Specialist)
Front Row: Andrea Gutschow (SSC Giving Coordinator) Brianna Heusterberg (PATH Coordinator | Mindful Instructor), Wendy Yurk (Board President), Kate Baer (Executive Director), Jaime Marchi (SSC President), Teresa McAlpine (SSC Community Relations Coordinator)