History of SSC

In the Early 1920’s

Mrs Konrad C. Testwuide, Sr. (Edith), worked for a young women’s volunteer service organization. Mrs. Testwuide evaluated the Junior League programs in other cities to broaden her service perspective. It became evident to Mrs. Testwuide that a volunteer group was needed during the depression years and requested that it be organized.

Mrs. Carl Kohler (Dorothy) responded to this request and, with Miss Helen Riddell and Miss Margaret Pantzer, developed  the constitution which was accepted in June of 1931. In that year, Mrs. Richard E. Imig (Josephine), Mrs. Julius Schils, Mrs. Arthur Neuses (Ardelle), Miss Helen Prange, and Miss Nancy Garton joined them as charter members.  The Sheboygan Service Club became an incorporated organization in the early Fall of 1938.

We have a proud history rooted in the belief that a group of women can give powerful witness to charity and social justice.  We believed this in 1931 and we believe this today.


and now…