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Our Stories

Stories from Lifetime Sheboygan Service Club Members about their time in Sheboygan Service Club. 

Jaime Marchi

Class of 2019

"To me, Sheboygan Service Club meant 6 years of friendship, fun, community, volunteerism, commitment, hard work, and fighting for a purpose. It taught me to be a better employer, a better mother, a better friend, and a better person.  To stop sweating the small stuff, to set aside the pettiness and leave behind the negativity, because in Service Club I learned that compared to others, my problems are small.  I learned that people sometimes have to fight just to survive.  I learned that I can help others a lot by doing just a little.  I learned what true friendships are, and that real friends lift you up, they listen to you, support you and are there for you.  I learned how to manage my time, because there are meetings- so many meetings- when you are involved. I learned that service is something important to teach your children, and that I will do my part to improve my community for as long as I am able. "

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Lynda Torke

Class of 2015

"What does SSC mean to me, a fantastic organization where women use their time and talents to help Sheboygan County and have a fun time doing it. I have volunteered all my life and SSC was the perfect fit to continue doing something I enjoy doing. My favorite program was PACE,  I volunteered once a month for 6 years with all of the PACE participants, if I am out and about and see one of my PACE buddies I always say hi.  They were always so appreciative of us doing outings with them, sometimes this was the only activity they did all month. I do miss doing this activity."

Teresa McAlpine

Class of 2020

"Being a member of Sheboygan Service Club has allowed me to become entrenched in this community.  As a member of SSC, we can clearly see the impact that our time and talents have  in the County. The annual Gala is the highlight of the year, where raising funds allows us to make a monumental difference for the non-profit organizations in our community.  Being in Service club encouraged me to do many things I’d never thought I’d consider trying and I’ve grown personally for pushing those limits.  The best part of being in Service Club has been the treasured friendships that I’ve made.  From seeing members at meetings and volunteer events and watching them shine at “The Show.” These are friendships that I’ve been able to count on that endure outside of Service Club. "

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Heather Torke

Class of 2012

"I reluctantly joined Service Club a year after moving to the area, not even knowing what it was. I didn’t look at the club as a way to meet friends but as a way to learn about the community and give back. Well, the club actually gave back to me in ways I never imagined! I’m grateful for the memories, the laughs, new-found friends, and all that I learned throughout my time in SSC. Service club helped pave the way for me to branch out and be able to give back in ways I never would have known. It taught me how philanthropic the people and businesses of the Sheboygan area are. It helped me to learn to love this foreign place and helped me to call it my home. I’m beyond grateful for the friendships and service given from all that chose to join this amazing organization. Now as a lifetime member watching the club evolve from the outside, it makes me even more proud to say I was once a part of this amazing group of strong and giving women."

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